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Store Module of College ERP for Purchase & Stores

Store management system automates goods procurement process, receipt of goods, stock book entry, bill passing, issue of material for departments, stock book maintenance, and write offs for the university. It generates various store reports.

The store management system software keeps the following in track:

Stock warehouse

The minimum and maximum quantity of goods that need to be maintained in the warehouse by the store management software of the university and college.

Stock Ledger

Is centralized and in accordance with all departments of the university.


Staff from any department can request for any goods or service for educational or maintenance purpose. If for instance, the chemistry teacher is out of a few acids in the Laboratory, he/she can inform the stores department about the same and can later seek authority for it from the Head of department.


When the store warehouse receives an approved requisition for goods/ resources to be purchased; the department is on the lookout for a vendor. Vendors send their quotation slips to the Institution.

Comparative Statement

This module creates a comparative statement and approves the best deal of a particular vendor from the lot of other vendors.

Goods Purchased

Goods/ resources that are purchased by the institution, the date of dispatch, shipment arrival and bills and the like is taken care of by this module.


Keeps track of invoices sent by different vendors for goods and resources after successful delivery of the same.