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Carrer with Dash Solution

We believe one of the most enjoyable aspects of running a business is creating an inspiring space where everyone feels welcome. At our office in central Gothenburg - with restaurants, caf├ęs and shops all located nearby - we have built a community for our Software Skills team and invited other start-ups and freelancers to join the fun. Are you looking for a desk space in a relaxed setting, complete with a games, meeting rooms, lounge and after work sessions? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Why choose us?

Our IT expertise and coding tests set us apart from other recruitment companies. Perhaps you have an excellent HR department when it comes to finding managerial personell, but lack the relevant knowledge to locate a highly skilled developer? This is where Software Skills steps in. With the aid of specialised tests and recruitment tools, our team of recruiters, consultants and IT professionals are equipped to finding the most suitable candidate for your company, as illustrated by our roster of satisfied clients.

Jobseekers, on the other end, will be guided through a friendly and professional recruitment process that aims to locate the IT jobs that best match your abilities. Have a look at our career page and feel free to get in touch in case you have any questions.

Mail your resume at [email protected].