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HR Management module for College ERP

The HR management software for higher education institutions deals with staff recruitment, hiring, administration, and training of faculty. The HR management system manage payroll of staff members, and is responsible for deductions, pay rules and salary slips associated with it.

Payroll Management

The payroll software is duly accountable for salary operations which include salary register, salary certificate, salary reports, leave management and income tax.

Online Recruitment Portal

Higher education management system facilitates online recruitment of faculty in an easy, secure and transparent system. The user creates a vacancy on campus for candidates on the basis of eligibility. Online Recruitment Portal supervises the entire process of scrutiny, recruitment and data administration.

Service Book

Service book is a present record of a person’s certified career maintained in detail. This module of human resource management system gives the user, provision to scan, store and retrieve original documents of the employee's personal file.